Intramural Program

Age: 3rd Grade and above
Skill Level: All Levels

The after school IM program is a community favorite available to children in 3rd grade and older (as well as their families). This fun 5 week program offers skiing or snowboarding to local students at a discounted rate.

2024 IM info and rates

For more information contact your school’s Ski Club or the Tussey ticket office. Have your child check with your school to see if there is participation this year. The school’s ski advisor may be able to answer your questions.

READ BEFORE REGISTERING: New this year is our online point of sale system. You will need to create an account to purchase items from our online store, including for programs and lessons. Create this account for the parent/guardian as you will need to be age 18+ to purchase. Once you have your item(s) in your cart, it will ask you to assign them to a guest. It is at this point that you will create an account for your child(ren) and connect their items to their name.

Each participant in the IM Program will receive a blank Meal Card that will have a $0.00 balance. It is up to you if you would like to use the meal card by adding money to it. Those meal cards will be distributed to each participant at the same time you receive your IM items.

Last season’s meal cards are still valid, however additional funds will not be able to be added moving forward.