Private Lessons

Private Lesson

Age: All Ages
Skill Level: All Levels

Private Lessons are offered in one hour sessions. Lessons are available for any skill level, and you can discuss your goals with your Instructor. Lessons are non-transferable and non-refundable (Books of 5 or 10 lessons can be shared). For lesson times outside of what is offered online, contact the Tussey Mountain office and we can match you with an available Instructor.

Private lessons can be booked for up to 4 people with one instructor, however all attendees must be age 6 or older and can ride the chairlift by themselves.

Lessons can be scheduled by calling the Ticket Office. Arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before your lesson time to check in and be ready for your instruction. Books of 5 or 10 lessons can be purchased in-person only.

One Hour Private Lesson: $80.00
Additional 60 Minutes: $40
Additional Student: $40
Book of 10 Private Lessons: $680

Paw Prints Lesson

Age: 3-5 Years Old
Skill Level: All Levels

Paw Prints includes a 1-hour, non-intensive, private lesson and rentals, designed to encourage positive snow sports attitude for beginners and up. Limited to 1 individual only.

Paw Prints Lessons can be scheduled by calling the Ticket Office.

Paw Prints Package: $95