Skill Levels

Skill Levels

No matter your skill level, you will learn and grow with our PSIA Certified Instructors. Group Lessons, Private Lessons, and special Programs are available!

Group and Private Lessons can be reserved from our Ticket Office. All other programs have enrollment instructions listed below.

Level 1

Color: Red
Tussey Terrain: Little Bear
Skill: It’s your first time skiing or snowboarding. You’re learning the basics, like how to stop and turn.

Level 2

Color: Orange
Tussey Terrain: Little Bear
Skill: Not your first time. You’re working on stopping consistently and starting to turn.

Level 3

Color: Yellow
Tussey Terrain: Little Bear
Skill: Can link turns and navigate Beginner terrain in a controlled and safe manner.

Level 4-5

Color: Green
Tussey Terrain: Deer Run
Skill: You’re comfortable with faster speeds and can link turns with varied size and shape. Skis are starting to match at the end of turns

Level 6-7

Color: Blue
Tussey Terrain: Deer Run; Utah via Chicken Ridge
Skill: You can confidently ski or ride Deer Run and are ready to try blue terrain. You can make short, fast turns and your skis are mostly parallel. Snowboarders are starting to explore riding switch.

Level 8-9

Color: Purple
Tussey Terrain: Utah; bottom Tuscarora
Skill: You ski or ride the whole mountain comfortably and are working on advanced techniques, such as carving.