Mountain Stats

Trail Status

Little BearEasiestClosed
UtahMore DifficultClosed
Chicken RidgeMore DifficultClosed
Deer RunEasiestClosed
Tower Three ChuteMore DifficultClosed
Winter’s WayMore DifficultClosed
Doc WhiteMore DifficultClosed
Upper TuscaroraMost DifficultClosed
Lower TuscaroraMore DifficultClosed
GrizzlyMore DifficultClosed
Upper ShamokinMost DifficultClosed
Lower ShamokinMore DifficultClosed
Lion’s WayEasiestClosed
Grizzly GladesMost DifficultClosed
Terrain ParkClosed
Tube ParkClosed

Snow Report

Groomed TrailsNA
Terrain ParkNA
Tube ParkClosed

Mountain Stats

Vertical Drop500 feet
Trails8 (30% beginner, 45% intermediate, 25% advanced)
Skiable Acres38
Longest Run0.75 miles
Chair Lifts5 (1 quad; 1 double; 1 tow, 1 T-bar, and 1 tube tow)
Night SkiingYes
Terrain ParkBoxes, rails, pipes, and assorted jumps.