Skate Park Season Pass (2022)


By purchasing the Skate Park Season Pass, you agree to all Rules and Conditions of the Skate Park, The Fun Centre, and Tussey Mountain.

Completed passes must be picked up at the Fun Centre during regular hours; a signature by the passholder will be required.


1. All Season Pass Holders must sign in at the Fun Centre when they arrive.
2. No one is permitted to enter or remain in the Skate Park unless they are in complete
compliance with protective gear. This includes AT LEAST the wearing of a helmet and
shirt at all times and the recommended use of knee pads.
3. Access to park is available only during open business hours. When Tussey Mountain is
closed, the Skate Park is closed. Anyone found to be trespassing during closed hours
without permission can lose their membership privileges with no refund of money paid.
4. All participants must skate safely at all times and avoid collisions to the best of their
ability with other riders. Fighting or other aggressive or disruptive behavior will result in
ejection from the park. Ejection will result in lost of membership privileges with no refund.
5. No food or drinks allowed in the skate park. Food or drink may be consumed in
designated areas. Non-skate gear and other items must be stored in locations outside of
the park.
6. There is no smoking allowed in the park.
7. Tussey Mountain reserves the right to terminate anyone’s pass at any time for failure to
comply with rules.
8. A Skate Park Season Pass is valid April 16 – September 30, 2022 during normal
operating hours.