Seasons of Rothrock

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Seasons of Rothrock – Session IV Tussey Mountain

Sunday, December 4th 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Are you a rider interested in exploring beautiful Pennsylvania gravel and singletrack in Rothrock State Forest and making friends in a great community along the way? If so, the Seasons of Rothrock series—which captures all four seasons through two gravel and two mountain biking races—is perfect for you!

In this section of Seasons of Rothrock, you’ll hit some of the forest’s most challenging trails within the picturesque backdrop of late fall. The course flows through the famed Three Bridges and Lonberger trails before tracing the crest of the ridge for the iconic Tussey Mountain Trail. After that, be ready for the wicked Leniency Trail descent that’s followed by the challenging Double Black John Wert Path that’s rocky, rooty and carved through the thick cover of Rhododendrons. Along the way, you’ll make friends amid a grassroots mountain biking culture that’s as unique as the trails themselves. Expect to be kept on your toes during challenging technical sections with brisk breaks down punchy descents. This race will test your mettle but it won’t break your wallet and you’ll still be home for dinner. Registration and awards will be hosted by Happy Valley Women’s Cycling.