WingFest: Week 7 | Finals

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WingFest FINALS!
Thursday, August 4, 2022

Live Music by:


Formed in State College, PA in 1995 by some musician types as a fun little side project to play some fun cheesey 80’s music. Little did anyone know that the side project would last this long and evolve into this… A band that expanded their song selection and has performed far and wide. From backyard parties to bars and clubs to weddings and corporate events to internet streams. If this is your first time checking us out, Welcome! If you’ve been with us for awhile, Thank you for your support!

Opening Band
Obvious Pocket

According to the law of entrainment, when fireflies land together on a single branch their lights start to flash in unison; over time clocks side by side will perfectly sync their second hands. Several musicians came together in State College, Pa to create Obvious Pocket. With the distorted blues riffs and Lennon inspired songwriting of Jim Kassab; the floating melodies and jazz chord flourishes of Dipak Sahoo; and the swinging song driven rhythms of Jason Halterman on drums, Obvious Pocket is a new flavor of original jam music.

Obvious Pocket is a journey of sound. An attunement to the groove. It’s a focus of quality song writing that springs into spontaneous improvisation. It’s an experience. When you’re in the pocket, it’s obvious.

Emcee & Music

A New Sunrise

A New Sunrise is an acoustic trio offering musical fun from any genre, any decade, featuring the masterful guitar playing of John Cimino, the incomparable vocals of Veronica Auger, and the jovial percussion of Scott McKenzie.

& DJ Ricky LaPean


Winners from each week will return in Week Seven for the 2022 WingFest FINALS!
Week One Winners: Sweet Tooth Bakery
Week Two Winners: Blonde Bistro
Week Three Winners: Valley Girl Co.
Week Four Winners: Burnham Eagles
Week Five Winners: American Legion Post 245
Week Six Winners: Juniper Village
Congratulations to Juniper Village, the 2022 WingFest Champions!
Free Parking!
GATE: 5:30pm – 10:00pm


$10 adults
$5 youth*

*Youth age is 7-16 (6 and under are FREE)

Once inside the Amphitheater, use CASH to purchase Amphitheater tickets. Use these tickets to purchase wings, drinks, and other items.

$1.00 = 1 ticket
and they never expire!